The mandate of this project was to redesign a given company. I was given 303 Gallery in New York City, New York.

My goal with this company was to make it become NYC’s next big gallery. To do this, I firstly updated its name from “303 Gallery” to just “303”.  I believe this made the name quicker to say and become more recognizable as a symbol.

The direction I wanted to bring the “303” in was clear. It was going to become like a glass pedestal. It would showcase and adapt all types of works but not overshadow the galleries. I achieved this by changing the typeface depending on what style of art the gallery was showcasing. This allowed the branding to seamlessly fit into any scene of art without interfering with the impact of the visuals.

The outcome of this branding project was a strong, typographically based design that organically changed the gallery for good.

Branding Design Photo 1Branding Design Photo 2Branding Design Photo 3Branding Design Photo 4Branding Design Photo 5Branding Design Photo 6Branding Design Gif