Known for his use of materials such as neon lights, metals, plastics and acrylics, artist Alex Da Corte leaves a lasting impression by
creating dazzling works.

The mandate of this project was to create a book cover design and spreads that shared the same qualities as the artist given to us. I determined that I had to produce a very colourful, and mechanical looking book to
reflect his work.

I firstly created a fluorescent hard book case, made from plexiglass to reflect his use of neon lights and bright materials. The plexiglass refracts light, making the bookcase glow. The book sleeve itself remains white, so that it would take on the colour of the case.

Secondly, I designed the internal spreads to reflect his style and attitude. I purposely chose a monospace type that felt exactly like his style of art; mechanical and raw. The pages are filled with colours, exactly like his galleries and shows. To balance this, I designed some pages to purposely lack colour so that it would give the viewer’s eyes a break.

Book Design Photo 1Book Design Photo 2Book Design Photo 3Book Design Photo 4Book Design Photo 5Book Design Gif